Artists & Crafters


Are you a creative person looking for an alternative art studio? Our memberships are a fraction the cost of a studio rental and include shared space, high tech tooling, and the opportunity for training. We have space for everything — crafting, woodworking, scrapbooking, welding, and more!


Do you want to try a new medium? The donor wall at the Des Moines Social Club was etched using our laser cutter! Want to 3D print art or see what you can do with a CNC router? Try a membership at Area515 and see what you can create with a whole new set of tools.

If woodworking is your thing, we have a well-equipped wood shop complete with routers and lathes. Metals more your speed? We have that too!


Members get personalized training on all tools, and we have various meetups to share tips and techniques. Come check us out during our regular open house any Tuesday from 7 – 9pm, or pick any of several ways to get in touch with us.