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Spot Welding Lithium Battery Cells

Tonight we used the spot welder again. We built it several months ago to make the battery pack for Lightning mini-bike. You can see two transformers in the picture. The little one is from a typical microwave oven. The internet was wrong – our milage varied – it was under powered. So we acquired a […]

Metal Lathe Update

We tore it down and cleaned up the gunk. Assessed the bearings – they look ok. But one gear is without one tool, but still operable.  We’ll see about replacing it sooner than later – but probably too late.  The problem finding the original gears. We’ll likely need to have one 3d metal printed. The […]

Trindl Stick Welder Label

Metal tools donation

We’d like to show some gratitude for a recent tool donation to the maker space from Marilyn Warling. She was gladdened to know that her husband’s tools will be getting well used. Thank you, they most certainly will! Several of these do require maintenance before use, so keep an eye out for updates. But with […]


Laser Cut Coasters & Storage Box

When friends register at a store for wedding gifts, it is much easier to buy something they won’t hate.  But why avoid that risk? Instead, I launched off the giveaway coasters we made for the maker faire and made a series of custom coasters. But that wasn’t enough. They needed a box to hold them […]


3D Chess Set

.   Member of Area515, Nabil Hanke, was intrigued with a chess set posted on Thingiverse, designed by ethanjurman. As the parts slowly accumulated, fellow makerspace members offered a suggestion of using the laser cutter to etch away the backing of a mirror to create the board’s gridwork. Finishing touches included using a shadow box […]