How Companies Get Hacked – Less than 1 week to register!

How Companies Get Hacked 
(And What You Can Do About It!)

In partnership with the Area515 Maker Space

When: Wednesday, March 29th at 7pm

Where: Area515 Maker Space – 1731 Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309

Cost: Free! Just be sure to register at the link below

Instructor: Sherri Davidoff, CEO and Founder of LMG Security

Presentation Overview

“Professional hackers around the world target YOU in attempts to gain access to confidential information, bank accounts, and other valuable data. Today, companies are also held hostage by ransomware, the malicious software that locks up your files until you pay a ransom. All it takes is one person in your organization to click on a link, and all of your shared files could be locked up for good. We’ll show you how attackers break into your computer, with screenshots and videos of a real attack. Finally, we’ll run through the most important building blocks of a strong cybersecurity program. Learn how to effectively defend against cybercriminals so that you can protect yourself, your clients and your organization.”

About LMG Security

LMG Security is an international cybersecurity, compliance and digital

forensics firm, headquartered in Missoula, Montana. We like to say ‘We 

make nothing happen.’ That means: no viruses, no 

breaches, no files stolen, no emails pilfered, and no penalties for non-compliance. Our clients range from Fortune 100 firms to community banks, hospitals and law firms. We are employee-owned, and it shows in our dedication. We work hard to make sure nothing happens, so you can focus on your business. Nothing makes us prouder than when absolutely nothing happens.

A special thanks for Area515 Maker Space for hosting the event and making this all possible!

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