Member Spotlight: Liz Patterson

Say Hello to Liz Patterson!

She’s been a member at Area515 Des Moines Maker Space for almost 8 months. Liz is an Intern Architect with experience working with Christian non-profit organizations and graphic design. Liz has a lot of knowledge about woodworking, and loves working on wooden boxes and lamps; her favorite project she’s worked on at the Maker Space is an industrial lamp. Liz’s dream project, however, is to build a Tiny House!

Here are a few of Liz’s creations:

Among other skills, Liz prides herself on her problem-solving; she really enjoys thinking through creative solutions to problems she encounters. Regarding the community of Makers at Area515, Liz said, “There is a wealth of knowledge among the members of the Maker Space and everyone is always ready and will to help when they can!” If you see Liz at the Maker Space, introduce yourself! You’ll make easy friends with a creative problem-solver with a lot of enthusiasm for woodworking.