Urgent: We Need Flooring!

We at Area515 Maker Space have a burgeoning need for flooring!

The “space” part of the Maker Space will be changing quite a bit within the first few months of 2017. Due to construction on our building, we’re forced to shift our work space (for more information, check out this post). As part of this new agreement, we’ve agreed to do some of the remodeling. Long story short, we need to paint and install flooring. Donated cash or materials can help us rebuild and revamp the Maker Space, so if you have any way of helping us out with floor covering, please donate or let us know. We’ve explored a few potential options already, but if you know of a different way to get ‘er done on the cheap, we’re open to suggestions. Ideally, we’ll have a solution in place as soon so we can start moving in January. Thanks for the help, and we’ll see you soon in the new, improved Area515!