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Equipment in the Space

There are more tools than are on this list. If you are a tool steward or owner, please add it here.

Using space tools for commercial purposes is allowed with some caveats: Tools at the space are maintained by volunteers. The members maintaining tools will do their best to ensure that they are available for use but there are no guarantees that a given tool will be working or that when maintenance is needed how long that maintenance will take. It is therefore unwise to make promises to potential customers based on speculation of a given tool's availability. We will try to ensure a reasonable uptime, but it may be broken and the people that know how to fix it may be busy for awhile.

If a tool is broken, print and post this warning: Tool Broken Flyer and then write a message on the mailing list so that everyone knows the tool is down. That way no one shows up with a project and is disappointed, and the designated Tool Steward can fix the issue.


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