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It's how we get new tools. If people raise half the money for a purchase <$500, the Board of Directors usually pays the other half - with the caveats listed below.

How do I contribute?

All the money we raise must go through the space! Otherwise we get into accounting trouble! Best way is to use the "In for $10" button on our website's Join or Donate page, write what it's for in the Notes field on PayPal. Otherwise you can contribute cash or check using the lock box at the space.

What is an In for $10?

An informal and effective way of getting new stuff for the space.

Do I have to give $10?

Don't be silly. We also accept $1,000 and $10,000 bills. (Any amount is good)

How do they work?

The person "leading" the In for $10 decides on exactly what to purchase - hopefully in coordination with the Tool Stewards. That person tells others. People contribute how ever much they want, and if at least half the money is raised, and the cost is less than $500, then the Board of Directors usually decides to pay for the other half.

What if the board won't pay the other half?

If the item costs less than $500, you can force the board to pay for the other half by getting at least 10 members to raise your half of the money.

What if we almost but don't quite raise half the money?

Send the board an email asking nicely. It's entirely possible they'll fund the rest anyway.

What if the item costs more than $500

Email the board, this is decided on a case by case basis.

How do they usually start?

Typically someone posts on the google forum asking if we have a tool. Then others chime in saying they'd also like that tool. Then someone takes charge, offers a specific item, and people chip in money towards the purchase. Once half the money is raised, if the item costs less than $500 the Board of Directors usually chips in the other half and the purchase is made.