2 Post Lift

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We have a 2 Post Lift capable of lifting up to 9000 lbs. This tool requires training before it is used, and a $15 training fee will be assessed.

To use the lift, you may schedule by emailing tools@area515.org or contacting Dave C. directly. Please include the nature of the job you're doing and what your estimated time will be. We may assess a $15 / day fee for using the lift. It may be possible to store a vehicle temporarily outside the buiding, inside the fenced area, contact the area steward about this.

We would prefer that you keep your vehicle assembled so it can be rolled off the lift if at all possible after each work session, so if your project gets delayed we can move it and let someone else use the lift. If at all possible, please have all of your parts and tools ahead of time.

When you are done using the lift, you must clean the area and return all tools to their proper location. Take any old parts with you, and dispose of your waste fluids properly.