Bench Power Supply

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Tekpower TP3005T Variable Linear DC Power Supply, 0 - 30V @ 0 - 5A with OCP

Basic Operation:


High Current can be dangerous to you and your project. You must be checked out on basic operation before using the bench supply

Use the one handed rule: Use one hand to connect wires and wire bread boards when power is applied. This way you don't have electrical current crossing your heart from one hand to the other

Connecting to the power supply:

Setting voltage:

Setting Current:

Setting OCP - Over Current Protection:

Current voltage and Current display:

Disconnecting from the power supply:

Constant Current:

Ground Strapping:

Quick Facts:


  • dual LED display for voltage & current
  • coarse & fine adjustment modes for voltage & current
  • protection mode: voltage or current limitation
  • output connectors:insulated safety plugs
  • organic plastic front panel/other panels rolled steel
  • low noise temperature controlled cooling fan
  • 4 digit led display
  • Button lock function
  • constant voltave(cv)/constant current(cc)
  • fuse-protected

User Notes: