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External Event Policies

  • Events must be in the spirit of the mission of the maker space
  • One full member must sponsor and be present for your event
    • Sponsoring member(s) are responsible for setting up for and cleaning up after the event
  • Cannot interfere with open house
  • Dates are reserved first come first serve, regularly occurring events take priority
  • Members must still be allowed to use the unaffected areas of the space while event is in progress
  • Area515 may advertise memberships at the event
  • Board may reject any event at their discretion

Instructor Policies

  • All external event policies above apply
  • Area515 will publish your event, have the venue clean and ready to go, and handle registration of participants.
  • In exchange for those services, Area515 will charge 40% of class fees. (Excludes materials fees.)

Email education@area515.org with any questions or comments.

Past Classes A reference for what kinds of classes we've had in the past. Please don't feel restricted by this list. All making is welcome!

  • Intro to Soldering
  • Intro to Microntrollers with the TI Launchpad
  • Intro to Arduino
  • Electronic Clock Making Workshop
  • 3D Modeling Workshop (w/ DesignSpark Mechanical)
  • Intro to Blender for 3D Modeling
  • Projects in Blender