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We have a fridge, freezer, and microwave for your convenience, and are near many restaurants. Feel free to eat at the space.

Pop is usually available in the fridge for $0.50 per can. Proceeds go to continuing the pop supply as well as supporting purchase of space consumables such as TP, paper towels, tool bits, cleaning supplies, etc.

Other food and beer is member-owned. If it's not yours, you should probably ask about it before you consume it.

Some food related etiquette to reduce our six-legged friends:

  • Keep all food in the fridge or freezer. All food. All of it. Well, except what you're currently eating. I mean, it's not exactly a walk-in freezer.
  • Take all food related trash and unwanted leftovers with you or throw in bin outside.
  • Rinse out your drink containers before putting them in the redemption bin.
  • Clean up the table after you are done eating.