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A Getting Started With [insert kind of making here] talk is a simple idea. Get up in front of an interested group and tell us three things about the kind of making you do.

1. How you got started

2. Why it's awesome

3. How others can get started

Talk should be 30-ish minutes or less, and then be prepared for questions. Keep the beginner in mind for your talk, but depending on the group, you may get some very advanced or detailed questions. Demos or things to show/pass around are GREAT! And we have a projector with an HDMI cable if you need it.

Email to schedule a Getting Started With talk. We hold them once a month.

Past Topics

These are some of the topics we've seen in the past. We want to see makers of all kinds, so if you have something new, GREAT! But don't worry, if you want to talk about the same thing, we can still get you in!

  • Circuit board art
  • Landscape structures
  • Minecraft mods
  • Electric bikes
  • Home beer brewing
  • Drones and Multicopters
  • Circuit bending
  • Internet of things
  • 3D Printing

Businesses / Career Artists

Feel free to promote your wares/services/art. But keep it to a short intro and/or a plug near the end of questions. Showing your passion for the subject should be the star and will be a much better selling point than any scripted pitch. You're welcome to bring flyers, cards, coupons, etc people can take with them.