Meeting 2013-06-25

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meeting called to order: 19:20

state of the group

7ish annual members

7-9 up-to-date monthly

funds solid through august currently plus the 501 application fee, several annual members due before then

501c3 deadline november

insurance due around october

announce/news mail list?

state of board

elections in september, should call for nominations in july

davin interested in at least a year, dc depends on other boards

need a more regular meeting schedule

state of the building



a/c eventually

ray may have a lead on potential sponsor for roof, if we do that, does that count as buying another share? or 4 owner fundraising

zach from dsmc has offered to act as a funding funnel, minus a small fee

state of web

civicrm works for registrations, but not great otherwise. need to get an actual working membership thing working with recurrence

better blog access


need to reimburse jim for it olympics

red/yellow/green tape system

bailey offered to head up an education/booth committee

meeting adjourned: 20:13