Meeting August - 2016

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Financial update

    • Macbook sales - $2,250 in profit so far, potential for more sales
    • Membership dues vs. operating costs still neutral

State of the space

    • Still looking for larger funding
    • Tim met with Bravo DSM, led to upcoming meetings with Kum & Go’s charitable foundation and the DSM Foundation

Mini Maker Faire

    • Fliers need printed - Tim to do
    • Need generic biz cards - Tom to do
    • Need signs explaining each display - Don to do

Artist Residence proposal

    • Grant based intent to offer number of single annual memberships to artists
    • Would require participation in gallery/artshow

Front Window Gallery

    • New standards for what sits in the front window
    • Ongoing series of ‘Shows’ with opening events

Tool training fees

    • Actual, solidified rules & policies

Effective August 1

Annual budget

Annual Meeting agenda

    • Electrons - Electron a new current board - resistance is futile fml
    • Budget - PROFIT!
    • Mini - Maker Faire Report kneecap
    • New member vote-in
    • By-law amendment - Combine the annual mtg with the quarterly mtg.