Meeting February - 2016

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  • Finance update
    • Barely in the black, membership numbers are holding stable
      • Need to try a member drive
  • Landlord relations
    • Water in the space
    • New tenant in the Five Monkeys space told he could cut a door into our garage area?
    • We’re STILL sneaking rent checks into the slot in the locked resident stairwell
  • Garage buildout
    • Get details at member meeting
    • Will spend up to $1k
  • Member meeting - Feb 27, 1 - 2:30
    • We need an agenda
      • State of the space
      • Financial updates
        • Membership price update
      • Art show recap
      • Future events?
      • Garage buildout
        • What do the members need - automotive, welding booth, air compressor?
  • Corporate Memberships
    • Walker Coen Lorentzen Architects
      • We dropped the ball on communications, possibly insulted them by failing to reflect a verbal agreement in the proposed contract.