Meeting September - 2016

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  • Financial update - Bailey
    • Operating in the black on member dues
    • Bailey to seek a CPA willing to help maintain our books
  • Fundraising update - Tim
    • Tim talking to connections to line up potential funding
  • Prep for member meeting
    • Tim might not be there. Nabil will present state of the space if needed.
    • Agenda:
      • State of the Space & financial update as required by bylaws
      • Update members and get feedback on long-term vision & fundraising
      • Propose & discuss goals for the year
      • Propose a by-law amendment to allow annual meeting to replace a quarterly meeting (Ray to draft)
      • Elections
  • Hatchbox sponsorship
    • Ray applied. Will see what happens.
  • Funky finds wanting to remove extra phone wiring
    • Will ask Dave C. where our wiring goes.
  • Succession planning
    • Hypothetical exercise: If the entire board turned over, would we have enough documentation to hand them that the new board could hit the ground running?
    • Bailey to document banking information
      • Where the financial information is
      • How to migrate accounts to a new treasurer
    • Keypass file in dropbox; Nabil and Bailey have the password
    • Nabil to update instruction on creating new access tags
    • Tom to create “physical key list” - Space keys, PO box, cash box, etc.
    • Tim to research how to automatically re-assign Google Drive documents to be owned by the shared email account