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How much does it cost to be a member?

  • Dues are $40/month or $430/year.

What about family memberships?

  • First member is normal price, additional members from the same household are $20/month, $215/year
  • Kids under 16 are free with a paid adult, we just require a parent stay with them while they work. Kids must also go through the same safety training we require for adults before using the powered equipment.

Do you offer corporate or bulk memberships?

  • Yes, and we'd love to talk in more detail. The short of it is...
    • Corporate memberships feature transferable access tags. You can give them to employees of the month, raffle them in United Way auctions, whatever.
    • Everyone who uses the space under a corporate membership needs to sign a liability waiver.
    • Pricing is based on the number of access tags you want to have.
    • Email us at if you are interested in a corporate membership for your company.