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Digital Sign

It could display:

  • List upcoming events ; pull feed from our calendar
  • Pictures
  • Newest post from website
  • How many new people to fund an expansion or move.
  • Countdown till next Makerfaire (really only display 1/3 of the year).
  • A virtual mercury bulb for the latest equipment donation/fundraiser.
  • Stupid, fun "Heard around the space" quotes.
  • current Guest wifi passcode

Dust collection system

Centrifugal dust separator being built.


  • dust curtain?
  • vent fan?

Air Compressor

600gal air compressor is in the garage. Next is 240V AC run to it, then we can run pipe in the garage and into the main space.

Garage Buildout

More 120V AC for lights.

Attach plywood to fencing to further separate the area.