Styrofoam Cutter

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Styrofoam Cutter


Styrofoam Cutter.jpg


Hot wire cutter to cut Styrofoam by hand.


  • Styrofoam can be found free from almost anywhere you can ask for free boxes.

Required PPE

In the Metal and Woodworking shop, members are required to have Personal Protective Equipment to use the tools. You are encouraged to bring your own, but we also have a PPE cabinet that can be seen to your right as you walk in the door. Some tools have more or less required PPE than others. See below to check what kind of PPE this tool requires!

  • Heat resistant gloves


Some tools at Area 515 have consumables: materials that are required to use the tool. For example, sanders have sandpaper as a consumable. See below for the consumables of this tool!

  • Nichrome wire

Other Notes