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The Tool Steward is the person in charge of one complex tool, or one well-defined work area, at Area515. The Steward doesn't have to be the most knowledgeable expert, but is a supervisor and trainer -- a single point of contact for training and coordinating maintenance and repairs.

The Steward will be responsible for:

  • making decisions about maintenance and usage of the tool
  • training other members to teach proper use and basic maintenance
  • approving members to teach the tool and maintaining a list of approved teachers
  • ensuring regular maintenance is performed (beyond normal per-use inspection)
  • defining use policy for the tool (i.e. who may use it, when, recommended cost, etc), which will be posted on the wiki and printed and posted on the tool itself
  • purchasing consumables, on space's dime - unless that purchase is required by improper or excessive use by a member, in which case that member will be responsible for the cost
    • some tools require members to bring their own consumables. That would be noted on the wiki.
  • determining whether improper use or routine wear caused the replacement
  • responding to email inquiries about the tool within a reasonable time

The Steward will NOT be responsible for:

  • setup, cleanup, configuration, or maintenance for any user other than themselves
  • teaching *all* new users (see above about training teachers)
  • any accidents, malfunctions, injuries, or damage to the tool while any other person is operating it - each user is still fully responsible for their own actions

To reduce their future workload, the Tool Steward is highly recommended to also post a checklist of good user behavior on or near the tool, and on the wiki. They are also recommended to write up a description, with pictures, of the normal user tasks of setup, cleanup, maintenance, adjustment, etc and post these on the wiki, as a reminder to trained but occasional users.

(Special thanks to Ace Monster Toys for inspiring this program)