Use of Products/Materials

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You will find information regarding the products/materials used for the equipment in the corresponding room.

Metal Shop

Wood Shop

For the wood shop, you should expect to bring your own material. There will be some amounts of scrap available for use, but none are guaranteed to fit your needs. It is possible for you to order materials and have them delivered to Area515. For more information, refer to the materials page in the resource category.

3D Printers

CNC Machines


For the electronics room, you are free to use any parts you may need. However, you may need to reimburse Area515 or consider donating funds to help resupply the parts if you find yourself using a larger quantity of parts.

Laser Cutters

For the laser cutters, it is $1 for each sheet of wood you use.


Similar to the availability and usage of the electronic products and materials, you are free to use any materials provided, but be wary of how much you are using and be ready to contribute to the cause if necessary.



Front Room/Lounge/Classroom Equipment

Hack Rack

The hack rack contains a variety of products and materials available for use for anybody. You can contribute and take from the rack, but if you plan to contribute to the rack, please take an item from the rack as well as to prevent an overflow of parts. For more information, refer to the hack rack page in the resources category.