Volumio Streaming Pi Box

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The Basics

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
DAC: HiFi Berry DAC Light+
Software: Volumio @ https://volumio.org/
Connection: You must be on Area515's internal LAN/private Wifi.

Connecting Via Web

To connect to the device from any device via webbroswer, use the URL: http://volumio.local.

Connecting via Apple IOS Device

There are several applications that work with the Volumio box. I use MPoD available on the App Store.

Connecting via Android Device

List coming soon of available applications to use on an Android device.

USB Playback

Bring a USB stick in with your favorite music and use the WebUI or device application to play those files through the Volumio.

Web Radio Playback

Screenshots coming of where to find this -- I am also going through and prunning the old WebRadio stations and adding some new ones.

Web UI Screenshots

MPoD Screenshots

Android Screenshots