2015 Annual Meeting

Pursuant to our bylaws, this is the official notice of our annual meeting.

The meeting will be held Saturday, September 19 from 2pm to 4pm at the space, 1731 Grand Ave, Des Moines

Any issues which members wish to have discussed and voted upon at the meeting must be submitted in writing to the Secretary no less then forty-eight hours before the meeting.

Proxy voting is allowed by an e-mail to the official mailing list or a request in writing to allow another member voting ability.

Current Meeting Agenda:

  • Quorum/roll call, current member list
  • President’s report / state of the space
  • Financial report
  • Dues vote
  • Bylaws vote
  • Elections

Dues vote:
The current motion is whether or not to raise dues.  If it is decided to do so, the new rate will be voted on

Bylaws vote:
area 515 proposed bylaws changes

Any full member can nominate any other full member to a board position.
Self nominations are allowed.
Any nomination requires one other full member to second the nomination.
Any nomination requires that the nominated member accepts the nomination
There are no term limits

Current nominations:
Tim (Bailey) – Seconded (Tom), accepted

Vice President
Nabil (Bailey) – Seconded (Tom), accepted

Tom (Tim) – seconded (Bailey), accepted

Bailey (Nabil) – Seconded (Tim), accepted

3 generic positions
Chris Johnson (Tom) – seconded (Nabil)
Ray Scheufler (Tom) – seconded (Tim)
Don Cady (Tom) – seconded (Bailey)
Ward (Tim) – seconded (Bailey), accepted
Sean (Bailey)


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