Snow Day Fun at the Maker Space

With yuletide season winter’s greetings brought
A holiday event at the lot

Where Makers young and old gather
To make and tinker, but mostly blather

But on this special winter’s day
Were snowflakes of all kinds crafted, (though not of clay)

For the space has many things to use
Like lasers, and printers, there is much to peruse

And families gathered with their children in tow
To find the joy of making in the season of snow

So to everyone who joined in and did without reason
Area 515 wishes you the best, and Happy Holiday season!

Snow day was a huge success at the space with families coming from all over to join in on the fun and festivities. Little ones got to make ornaments out of materials made here at the space, including laser cutting, 3D printing, leatherworking, and painting. Below is the gallery of pictures, and stay tuned because we look forward to doing more events like this in the future.

Again from everyone at Area 515 Happy Holidays!