Obtaining Excellence with Coach Christine Clark

Saturday May 6th from 3-5 PM 

Coach Christine Clark

No one has ever gained instant mastery in any skill or area of life. We all begin as novices (we don’t know what we don’t know) and eventually obtain mastery (precision flow without thought). There are four stages of the learning curve. We move through these stages anytime we do something new or actively change some part of our lives. Join Coach Christine to walk through the four stages of learning, Discover the beautiful benefits and the crazy challenges at each stage. Then, walk away equipped to succeed.

Coach Christine Clark has forged her life in the fires of self employment. She brings over 55 years combined entrepreneurial experience to her clients. She addresses the internal mental & emotional blocks that stand between us and a life of significance. Those who work with Christine ignite their passion, gain clarity on their priorities, access their inner gifts, and breakthrough to greater flow, deeper relationships, and increased wealth.

Christine has been a full time coach, speaker and trainer since July 2015 and holds seven coaching certifications. She lives with her husband Howard on their farm east of Runnells, Iowa. She has two amazing sons, three dogs, and three cats. Christine loves sunrises, sunsets, and star filled night skies. Her spirit animal is a hawk

This special event is free and open to everyone. RSVPs, while not required, can be done on the event page on Meetup. Want to attend, but can’t make it to the Makerspace? You can join us via Google Meet instead!