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New Year, New Projects, New Hackery

Its a new year for new projects at the new space! That’s a lot of new. Eggbot Everyone’s favorite Eggbot is busy putting some decoration on decorations. The dry erase test prints came out well, and final designs will be printed on them at an upcoming open house.   Shapeoko 2 upgrade/build Given a sturdy […]

Open House 7/1

What do you do after a Maker Faire? Work on more printers, put together a robot as educational material for students, build another printer, start new projects, and create a homemade violin using the laser. Of course, there was plenty of the usual tinkering throughout the evening. Printer building. The first start to building a […]

KC Maker Faire Weekend

The Maker Faire. What is it? A Maker Faire is many things. It is a big show and tell of new ideas. In some places of the faire, it is an educational event where both kids and adults engage in science, technology, engineering, math, and art. Some people come to a maker faire to participate […]

Solenoid,circuit, raspberry pi, rfid reader

DIY RFID Access System

This post documents recent work on a membership based physical access system using radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags as a key. Most discussion of this rfid development has been sprinkled throughout discussions in our google groups. As of this post, all of the parts are working but we haven’t implemented this into the building… yet. We […]

More New Features!

Everyone has been working hard on the new site rollout. There has been great group effort and good teamwork. By popular demand, the events calendar can be downloaded as an ics file/link. Using the button at the bottom of the events page, you can get our calendar added to your calendar. For event creators, we […]

New Website, Same Place!

Hello world. The new site is done, done! We hope the new site will continues to support the growth of the community with this all-new, redesigned, do-acracy style site. To keep this short, I’m going for the list format of new features. New Features: New look Mobile friendly Self-registration Easily add pictures and videos to […]

Doing some website work

We recently reworked the website. It is now live, here, and we are finishing the last pieces of this new site. We’re almost done! More this week!