Laser Cut Drone Takes Flight!

Local maker brings tricopter to life at the March 3rd open house using wooden dowels and a plywood frame cut on our very own laser cutter.  The frame was cut a few months ago with the wooden booms and flight electronics being assembled over the last couple of months.  At our latest open house we returned to the laser cutter to complete the frame with a set of landing legs and a battery tray/camera gimbal.  While there is still work to be done to attach the battery tray and set up the camera gear we took a few minutes to try some configuration to get a stable flight.  After a couple of attempts it was up and in a relatively stable hover.  We look forward to seeing this project progress!

Original Frame Cut (sorry for the vertical video):

Project Info:
Maker: NeoMatrixJR
Frame Design: Based on’s design, optimized by colorex and downloaded here. (used 12mm optimized pattern)
Legs: downloaded as a part of this file. Found here.
Gimbal/battery tray: built from the Super Simple Gimbal.
Build Log/Project Rants: NeoMatrixJR’s RCGroups Blog.

Also, check out The Des Moines Drone User’s Group