Still here, still making!

We’ve been quiet on the blog, and the shop isn’t quite as social as we’re used to, but our members are still in the shop making cool projects! With proper pandemic precautions, of course. We have been putting up photos on our Instagram if you’d like to see what the group has been up to.

And now for some news!

Our resident blacksmith, Bear, of Eastern Roadside Creations, is now teaching regular private solo or small-group knife making classes in the shop. Watch his website for upcoming classes and information on how to sign up!


Member Brad Freese had his first Instructable, a 6 foot tall ice arch, featured by Instructables! We didn’t know our laser cutter could help make something this cool.

Ice Arch - 6' Freestanding

Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep making! Reach out through any of our social media channels if you’d like a shop tour or more information about our safety precautions, hosting physically distanced workshops, or becoming a member.