Delta Blues


Actually there isn’t much blues going on. The Rostock Max kit that I picked up at the Kansas City Maker Fair is just now starting its life of printing. The assembly went fairly smoothly. We didn’t have to restart any major sections. Mike wired the board wrong and caused the electronics fuse to pop. After I carefully inspected his wiring I fixed the issue and replaced the fuse. Last open house while Sean was showing off his resin printer I was calibrating the towers (after a little ride on BANSHEE in the back yard for fun). This evening the printer is working on its first print. The guys at See Me CNC really have high hopes for their printer. The first print isn’t some basic calibration piece, it is a rather complicated fan mount. I’m very impressed at the ability to print overhangs without any major fussing over configuration. The included slicer configs just work.

There were a slight hickup with the extruder stepper that was included in the kit. Fortunatly we had a spare stepper motor sitting around that I was able to use for now. I have emailed See Me CNC to see how they want to resolve it. I can probably just keep the stepper I have on it now. I will have to dial the current back a little bit because the extruder stepper is getting a little hot. I’m not sure if I will be able to find a happy balance between heat and torque.

Complete First Print:


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