Brandon Hart’s Pub Glass

Not only did Brandon build a sweet project, he taught himself Arduino and electronics to get it done!

Lasers and Chocolate

Bailey wanted to learn how to use the laser but had more of a sweet tooth than a project. So we decided to try out etching our logo into Hershey bars. The first attempt we kind of just tossed the chocolate in there and went for it, using a file we’d previously used to etch […]

Electric Tuk-Tuk

We have acquired a 1988 Cushman Truckster (you know, like these) from Matthew, organizer of the Tuk Tuk Goose Chase. It is a little rough – meaning it has no windshield, doors, bed, or brake master; the hydraulic lines consist mainly of rust, and the engine doesn’t run. We also have a sepex motor and […]

Solenoid,circuit, raspberry pi, rfid reader

DIY RFID Access System

This post documents recent work on a membership based physical access system using radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags as a key. Most discussion of this rfid development has been sprinkled throughout discussions in our google groups. As of this post, all of the parts are working but we haven’t implemented this into the building… yet. We […]

Arduino Day

We’re officially celebrating Arduino Day,  Bring your project (or projects) or just see what we’re up to on Arduino Day 2014. For more info on time and place, check out our events calendar:  

More New Features!

Everyone has been working hard on the new site rollout. There has been great group effort and good teamwork. By popular demand, the events calendar can be downloaded as an ics file/link. Using the button at the bottom of the events page, you can get our calendar added to your calendar. For event creators, we […]

New Website, Same Place!

Hello world. The new site is done, done! We hope the new site will continues to support the growth of the community with this all-new, redesigned, do-acracy style site. To keep this short, I’m going for the list format of new features. New Features: New look Mobile friendly Self-registration Easily add pictures and videos to […]

Doing some website work

We recently reworked the website. It is now live, here, and we are finishing the last pieces of this new site. We’re almost done! More this week!