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Member Spotlight: Chris Johnson

Yeah, the tools and workspace are pretty awesome, but we’ve got some excellent people here too! We wanted to highlight some of the Makers that frequent Area515 and help put some names with faces around the space. First up: get to know Chris Johnson! Chris has been a member of Area515 for about two years. […]


Anyone use Humble Bundle?

To anyone who follows Humble Bundle, they have added the ability to support any charity of your choosing with your Humble Bundle purchase. Area515 is in the list! Please consider supporting the DSM makerspace with your next purchase from

Metal Lathe Update

We tore it down and cleaned up the gunk. Assessed the bearings – they look ok. But one gear is without one tool, but still operable.  We’ll see about replacing it sooner than later – but probably too late.  The problem finding the original gears. We’ll likely need to have one 3d metal printed. The […]

Trindl Stick Welder Label

Metal tools donation

We’d like to show some gratitude for a recent tool donation to the maker space from Marilyn Warling. She was gladdened to know that her husband’s tools will be getting well used. Thank you, they most certainly will! Several of these do require maintenance before use, so keep an eye out for updates. But with […]

We’re hiring an intern!

Area515, the Des Moines Maker Space is looking for a marketing and social media intern. Position is unpaid but includes membership to the maker space. You’ll gain valuable experience helping a non-profit grow, practice technical writing, gain exposure to a diverse population of makers, and maybe be inspired to make something yourself. You will report […]

MacBook Update

Sorry, all the Pros are gone. But we have a dozen of the white MacBooks all refurbished and cleaned up so they sparkle! And more to come! $250 and it’s yours. You can swing by the space Sunday from 1-5 or email us at We were asked for specs several times, and they are […]


MacBooks for Sale!

Could anyone use a MacBook or a MacBook Pro? Want a second laptop, a computer for your grandparents, or a laptop for your kids? We have early 2011 13″ MacBooks (and a handful of MBP’s). They were donated to the space, and have been refurbished and thoroughly cleaned. They work great and include chargers. We’re […]


DVD Duplica– er … Ripper?

Remember these? They’re supposed to make a bunch of copies of any CD or DVD. We grabbed it from the curb because it looked like it might have useful parts. Someone found a better use for it. Turns out, these are pretty much standard computers running Windows XP Embedded on an ATX x86 computer. So, […]

Playing with C.H.I.P.!

A handful of C.H.I.P. $9 computers showed up from They should make great headless servers for all kinds of projects — I’m thinking of our RFID door access and maybe some robotics projects. I will be playing with one during our Arduino club meetup this evening. Come down to the space between 7-10pm! You […]