Family Membership Spotlight: Lisa and Guy Payton

In addition to our regular Area515 Maker Space membership, we have provisions available for multiple members in the same family. Meet two of our Family Membership users: Lisa and Guy!

Lisa and Guy Payton have been members at Area515 for about seven months. Lisa is a wife and mother who also works part time for the US Census Bureau, and her son Guy is a student. They love working on different types of projects, particularly crocheting and woodworking for Lisa, and radio and electronics for Guy. Lisa has also enjoyed learning to 3D print snowman ornaments.

Guy’s favorite project is an oscilloscope for which he was able to source a resistor at Area515. Both Lisa and Guy told us they’d like to build a desk or table; Lisa wants to build a folding table that can stow away in a small space when not in use, and Guy wants to build one that will hold a computer and radio equipment.

When we asked Lisa what advice she would offer to new or prospective members, she said “Come to the open houses. Talk to people. Ask questions. There are many persons and each has different experience and are willing to share. I have found all of them to be quick to step up to help the newbies.” We’ve found that this couldn’t be more true! Our members come from a variety of different backgrounds and skill/knowledge levels, but the one thing they have in common is that they are all willing to help out those who need a hand with the next step on their project. If you see Lisa and Guy at the Maker Space, come meet them! They’re both awesome members who would love to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for their respective crafts.