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So long, and thanks for all the art!

The art show yesterday was a lot of fun. Huge thanks to our sponsors — Twisted Vine Brewery, Hurricane Grill, and Source Allies — and, of course, to the artists. Thanks also to all of you who came to support us! Attendance was light, but it was a lively group and a fantastic atmosphere. We […]


We have a metal lathe!

I stopped in Habitat ReStore on a whim. I mean, I buy a lot of stuff there, but I wanted to check out their new location in Urbandale. Turned out they had a turning machine! Not a turing machine — a lathe. The price was right, and it came with four boxes of parts, tools, […]


Art Week + Beer Week = Art show at a brewery!

DSM Art Week overlaps with DSM Beer Week. There’s a new brewery in town. Area515 had huge interest in our art show ~6 months ago. So, we combined all of the above! We’re holding an unconventional art show at Twisted Vine, the new brewery opening in West Des Moines, to celebrate art week and beer […]

How much NaOH does it take to get arrested?

Serious question: How much sodium hydroxide can I buy without getting arrested? Will ordering it online automatically land me on FBI watch lists? We’ve been playing with a donated Stratasys Dimension 768, and it prints great — but we don’t want to pay for the Stratasys “detergent” that is used to dissolve the support material. […]

Upcoming Events

We have a full class schedule coming up over the next few months! All events are at 1731 Grand Avenue and free to the public unless otherwise noted. February 6th: Girls in Science 10am-4pm at SCI Intro to Blender 1-3pm – watch the calendar for additional CAD classes! February 13th: Intro to Soldering 2-4pm – […]


Tool wish list

A snow day is the perfect time to clean out your workshop. Do you have tools you no longer use, or tools that were replaced by an upgrade? Just like any workshop, as Area515 continues to grow we are always looking for “that next tool”. If you have a spare of something on our wish […]


The art show was a success!

The art show Saturday drew nearly 100 visitors to the Des Moines Maker Space to see what artists can produce using modern technology. From 3D printed jewelry to multi-layered pieces cut on our laser cutter, several of the booths demonstrated the possibilities of CNC machines. An interactive pixel art display showed us that sometimes the […]

Spouse & Family Memberships!

The family that hacks together … ok, not sure where I was going with that. But electronics, 3d printing, and interactive technology are all great family projects. We are pleased to announce that Area515 now offers discounted spouse and family membership options! Sign up for a family membership and you can spend quality time building […]

Learn a Programming Language Party

We are joining up with Gravitate to host a PLIBMTTBHGATY:┬áprogramming languages I’ve been meaning to try but haven’t gotten around to yet. It’s a lightly-structured party where people get together and work on a project in a new programming language, either with or just near each other. Refreshments will be on hand, plenty of people […]